January 2015

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  • clearomiser-guide-infographic

    Infographic: A Complete Guide to Clearomisers

    Like all other pieces of equipment that you use daily, you may run into problems using your clearomiser. Thankfully, there are many ways to determine what’s wrong with your clearomiser so you can take the appropriate steps to fix the issue and get back to vaping.

    Continue reading for a few tips that will help you diagnose the problem you’re having with your clearomiser, and the steps you can take to fix your device so you can enjoy vaping without interruption.

  • benefits-of-vaping-infographic

    Infographic: Why Should You Start Vaping E-Cigarettes?

    Vaping is all the rage right now, but many people still don’t understand why it has suddenly become so popular. In fact, in the UK alone, there are roughly 1,500,000 people vaping already, and that number continues to grow steadily.

    The truth is that, while most people turn to vaping if they’re trying to find a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, there’s also a good number of people who try out vaping and love it even if they don’t have a smoking habit.

    So why should you consider giving vaping a try? Continue reading for a few of the many reasons why this pastime isn’t going anywhere.

  • beginners-guide-ego-ecig-c-twist

    Infographic: Beginner’s Guide to EGO E-Cig Kits

    If you’re new to the e-cig market and to vaping, you may be confused by all of the products available. Many people who start vaping actually end up purchasing the wrong products, so the guide below will help you easily and affordably put together an electronic cigarette kit that you’ll love using. Before you know it, you’ll be vaping comfortably and you’ll be able to quit smoking regular cigarettes in a healthier way if that’s your ultimate goal.

  • 7-huge-consequences-of-eu-ecigarette-ban-infographic

    Consequences of a Ban on E-Cig Vaping in the EU

    Some people are working hard throughout the EU to place a ban on electronic cigarettes. Many don’t fully understand why e-cigs are necessary, especially for smokers who are trying to quit smoking in a healthier way, and they don’t understand that e-cigs aren’t harmful to the person vaping or to those that are surrounded by the vapour that’s produced.

    So what would the negative consequences be if a ban were instituted against electronic cigarettes in the EU?