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    Guide: Electronic Cigarettes Parts & Components Explained

    Whether you’re completely new to vaping or you’re an experienced vaper who’s been enjoying the vaping experience for several years, the key to the creation of the highest quality vapour, both in terms of flavour and quantity, is the device that you use. Like all other hobbies, vaping does require an initial investment of your money, but once you experiment with different levels of devices and accessories, you should be able to find brands that suit your needs best.

    But with so many brands out there and so many vaping products to choose from, it can definitely become confusing rather quickly, especially for those who are new to the industry. The list below, however, should help you navigate the market and find those items that you really need to take your vaping experience to a new level. Remember, the more pleasant the vaping experience, the more likely you’ll be to stay away from regular cigarettes and finally quit your addiction to nicotine.

  • beginners-guide-e-cigarette-liquid

    Guide: Mechanical Mod E-Cigs Explained

    Mechanical mods are really popular e-cig devices because they’re able to provide you with a really great, authentic vaping experience. If you’re in search of delicious, true flavour from your e-liquid, as well as plenty of clouds of vapour, a mechanical mod could be just what you’re looking for.

    But if you don’t know much about mechanical mods yet, continue reading, as the guide below will give you some much-needed information about these devices so you can choose the right one for your vaping needs.

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    Evolution from Smoking to Vaping

    The most traded product on the planet is the cigarette. People smoke tobacco cigarettes all over the world, and the global cigarette industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, with roughly 15 billion cigarettes bought every single day throughout the world. This translates to roughly 10 million cigarettes being smoked each minute.

    But how did smoking become so big and so popular? Continue reading for a short history on the evolution of smoking to get a clearer idea of why this hobby isn’t going anywhere.

  • E-Liquid Checmicals

    Guide: E-Liquid Chemicals vs Tobacco Chemicals

    When you smoke regular cigarettes, you’re burning tobacco and inhaling the smoke. But when you vape, you’re using a device that uses a battery, rather than fire, to heat an e-liquid until it’s transformed into a vapour that you then inhale and exhale just like you would do with the smoke from a traditional cigarette.

    But even though the acts of smoking and vaping may seem similar, there are actually many differences between smoking a tobacco cigarette and vaping with an e-liquid. Continue reading to learn what these differences are, as well as why so many people all over the world are ditching their addiction to regular cigarettes and switching over to vaping with electronic cigarettes instead.