777 (Triple Seven) eCigs e-Hookah Review

For hookah fans and those who are simply interested in smoking a hookah, 777 has created an e-Hookah product that is sure to please. This electronic vaporising product will give you the experience of a regular tobacco-infused hookah without the need for tobacco. Instead, you will experience intense flavours within the vapour to take your smoking to a new level.

Smoking the e-Hookah is basically like smoking any other vaping product. You place some of your favourite e-liquid into the device, it is vaporised, and you can enjoy it by inhaling it just as you would inhale on the vape of an e-cig. But the body of the e-Hookah produces a thicker vape than an e-cig would, so you get to enjoy even more flavour.

Continue reading for our review of the 777 e-Hookah, and to learn why we recommend this product so much.


Key Features & Specifications

  • 2 hoses to allow for multiple smokers enjoying different flavours
  • A 2200mAh battery and a wall charger
  • 5-pack blank e-Hookah cartridges (refillable)
  • Shisha liquids deliver a lot more flavour
  • Easy to assemble and use

First Impressions

When you first receive your e-Hookah, you will need to set it up. Thankfully, though, it is a really simple process. Basically, your e-Hookah will be made up of two parts: a flavour cartridge, which is your cartomiser, and the device’s battery. Start by simply unpacking all of these components, filling the bowl of the e-Hookah with water and your cartomisers with your e-liquid, and then attaching the hoses. Charge up the battery, attach your handgrips to your hoses, and then turn on the e-Hookah so that it can start bubbling and producing your vape.


Check out 777 Shisha liquids, which come in 24 different flavours. These are specifically designed for use in the e-Hookah, although you can also smoke them in other 777 e-cig models, such as the Bullet and the company’s various mini e-cigs. These liquids, unlike other standard e-liquids, are meant to deliver a really powerful burst of flavour that is superbly rich.

Giving It a Test Run

To use the e-Hookah by 777, all you have to do is fill up the cartridge with whatever flavoured e-liquid you want. Then you just have to screw the cartridge onto the end of one of the device’s hoses. The vaping will occur automatically, provided that everything is connected properly, there is liquid in the e-Hookah, and its battery is charged.

Once you have had enough of your first vape flavour, you can simply pop off that cartridge and put a different flavour on. And if you are sharing your e-Hookah with another person, you can each enjoy your own flavour at the same time.

The only downside is that we definitely want more of these e-Hookahs in our collection, but 777 only sells this particular model right now. That means that every e-Hookah you buy will look the same. We would love to see more options hit the market, perhaps in various colours and styles, with different sized hoses and battery life options, and maybe even different handgrip options too.


Despite what we have to say about the look of the e-Hookah, though, we certainly cannot complain about the functionality and performance. In fact, the battery will allow you to smoke for about 4 hours at a time. And even after you recharge it multiple times, it will not lose its strength and will still maintain its 4-hour charge, giving you ample opportunity to enjoy your favourite flavoured vapes alone or with a companion.

In addition to using the e-Hookah through its battery life, you can also plug the device into a wall outlet or a USB port in order to smoke while the battery is being charged. This is a great advantage, since it means you will not have to stop if your battery gets low.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we were thoroughly pleased with the entire experience of setting up, using, and storing our e-Hookah, and we highly recommend it to smoking enthusiasts, whether you have ever used a hookah before or not. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional, tobacco-based hookahs, 777’s e-Hookah will deliver all of the flavours that you crave without the harmful smoke because it produces a vape, just like any other e-cigarette, instead. Plus, unlike e-cigs, which are typically enjoyed alone, the e-Hookah is specifically designed for use with a friend, so go ahead and share the experience.

Image source: TBEC Review

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