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    777 (Triple Seven) eCigs e-Hookah Review

    For hookah fans and those who are simply interested in smoking a hookah, 777 has created an e-Hookah product that is sure to please. This electronic vaporising product will give you the experience of a regular tobacco-infused hookah without the need for tobacco. Instead, you will experience intense flavours within the vapour to take your smoking to a new level.

    Smoking the e-Hookah is basically like smoking any other vaping product. You place some of your favourite e-liquid into the device, it is vaporised, and you can enjoy it by inhaling it just as you would inhale on the vape of an e-cig. But the body of the e-Hookah produces a thicker vape than an e-cig would, so you get to enjoy even more flavour.

    Continue reading for our review of the 777 e-Hookah, and to learn why we recommend this product so much.


    Key Features & Specifications

    • 2 hoses to allow for multiple smokers enjoying different flavours
    • A 2200mAh battery and a wall charger
    • 5-pack blank e-Hookah cartridges (refillable)
    • Shisha liquids deliver a lot more flavour
    • Easy to assemble and use
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    777 (Triple Seven) eCigs Bullet Electronic Cigarette Review

    If you are a big fan of e-cigarette products and brands, you may have heard quite a bit lately about 777 eCigs, which has been growing rather quickly over the last year. This highly ethical organisation also offers a variety of high quality vaping items at surprisingly affordable prices. And, unlike other e-cigarette companies out there, their website is not loaded with ridiculous false claims.

    News hit recently that 777 is launching a whole new e-cig, but this one will be different from previous models because it will have a longer battery life and it will come with a mini clearomiser. Needless to say, we wanted to give this new product a try and review it for our readers.

    Continue reading to see the results of our test.


    Key Features & Specifications

    • Black or stainless steel finish
    • A 320mAh, 3.7v, 808-threaded lithium-ion rechargeable battery that uses manual activation
    • A mini-clearomiser that holds 1.3ml of e-liquid
    • 15-second cut-off time
    • Essentials or Standard Kit options
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    777 (Triple Seven) eCigs – The M-1 Mod Review

    777 eCigs are working on expanding the number of products that they offer, which means there are many brand new items to choose from, such as tanks, batteries, branded mods, and glassomisers. One of the newest mods is the 777 M-1, which is a completely unique design. Continue reading to learn more about what this new product has to offer.


    Key Features & Specifications

    • Variable voltage (3.0-6.0 in .1 increments) and variable wattage (6.0-16.0 in .5 increments)
    • Safety shut-off feature and low voltage warning
    • Removable tubes for 18350 and 18650 batteries
    • Battery voltage detection and battery safety protection
    • Compatible with a variety of tanks, including iClear30, iClear16, Protanks, Magnum tanks, and other ego thread tanks