Anyvape Sega Tank Review

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We seem to be doing some evaluations on top filling sub-ohm tanks lately so why not do one on the Anyvape Segatank? Besides the Crown Sub-Ohm Tank, it is the only other top filling tank on the market we are aware of; it is something that we expect others to go to in the near future because of the style’s filling advantages. Anyvape has been turning out some quality products so we were anxious to see what this clearomiser could do.

Key Features and Specifications

Here are some of the key features we really liked about this device:

  • Top filling capability
  • Excellent flavour
  • Excellent vapour plumes
  • It has a very nice RBA capability
  • Uses Aspire Atlantis coils
  • Works very well on low power devices

Anyvape Segatank Specs:

  • 20 – 30 Watt range
  • 5 ml tank capacity
  • Comes with 0.5 ohm Aspire Atlantis Coils
  • Ceramic wicking material that is wrapped in 100% organic cotton
  • An extensive RBA section which is included right in the kit
  • 22 mm diameter body

Here is what the pre-packaged kit includes:

  • 1 x Anyvape Sega Tank
  • 1 x Atlantis 5 ohm ceramic/cotton coil
  • 1 x RDA Coil
  • 1 x Do-it-yourself installation kit which includes a screwdriver
  • 1 x Special eGo adaptor
  • 1 x Owner’s guide and instruction manual

First Impressions

The aesthetics of the Anyvape Segatank were not as impressive as some of the other subtanks that we have reviewed, but with that being said, we were pleased with the quality of the construction itself. We were really thrilled that the kit came with the RBA section and we all agreed that we would like to see more subtank manufacturers give their customers the ability to do this with their tanks.

The kit also included everything that we needed to get started with the installation, although there was a little cleaning that was necessary from the factory which could be corrected easily with a little more effort.

We were also a little disappointed with the fact that there were not a lot of variables that come with the Anyvape Segatank. That does not mean it won’t perform well, but compared to some of the other models we reviewed it seemed like its limited 20 – 30 watt resistance range was on the small side.

Another quality feature in addition to the RBA ability a user has with the Anyvape Segatank is the top filling capability of the device. We have always found a top filling device wastes less fluid and helps keep you from making a mess when refilling the tank. It is still surprising that so many subtanks have not gone to this method of tank filling.

Ok so enough playing around; the subtank is a little homely in appearance but we have heard good things about, so we were itching to give the Anyvape Segatank a try.

Giving It a Test Run

Well before we could get down to vaping we first had to install the subtank on a few different devices. The device was easy to install on every compatible device and the kit really had everything we needed to get the job done. It really was a nice model subtank to install. It did not make the e-cig heavy or bulky and the device actually looked better installed then it did off the device.

Next we had to fill the tank with the e-juice. We smiled all the time while doing this when using the top fill styled tank. We did not spill a drop and had no parts to clean up after. This is a great feature for those that like to experiment and change e-juice a lot.

We were pleasantly surprised when we took our first hit on the Anyvape Segatank. It produced a very large plume of vapour and the flavour that came through was good also. When we used it down near the 20 watt range the hit was not so good but it improved when we went to 25 watts of resistance. The best vaping was done at the 30 watt range; it delivered a nice warm vape and a lot of excellent flavour too.

Final Thoughts

If you can get past the aesthetics of this device and the fact that there are limited variables that you can control, it is a pretty good vape to say the least; especially for those who are not into doing such things as changing coils and playing around with all sorts of variables. The RBA feature was a huge bonus in our eyes and so was the affordable price tag.

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