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    Blu Cigs Pro Kit Review

    First off, it is important to note that there is a bit of confusion surrounding Blu eCigs, which are from the UK, and Blu Cigs, which are from the US. The confusion arises because they are both owned by Lorillard, and the branding on both of these products is pretty much the same. Plus, they have pretty much the same name. But the truth is that these are actually two completely different brands, so don’t be fooled when you are searching for one or the other online and you come across its counterpart.

    Blu Cigs is currently the largest and most popular cig-a-like business in the US, with the largest share of the market. It is personally responsible for bringing e-cigs into the spotlight years ago, and for making them a mainstream item. The company’s product was unique, attractive, and effective, with a delicious e-liquid. So perhaps the UK version of Lorillard is attempting to make people in the UK think that they can get these great e-cigs, but they actually can’t.

    Despite what we may think, though, we reviewed the Blu eCigs Pro Kit, and you can learn more about our experience with it below.


    Key Features and Specifications

    • 950mAh Kanger batter
    • 1 clearomiser by Kanger
    • Clearomiser has a 2.1ohm coil
    • Comes with 10ml of e-liquid in Classic Tobacco flavour
    • Includes instruction manual