Guide: E-Cig Tanks – Atomisers, Cartomisers & Clearomisers

There is a lot of confusion surrounding e-cigarettes, and how they work.  Some of this can be put down to them entering the mainstream market and attracting a lot of attention, however it can also be attributed to the amount of different e-cigarette devices on the market.  Three essential parts of an e-cigarette are the atomiser, the cartomiser, and the clearomiser.  Whilst you might not need to know what these are when using a standard e-cig device, you will need to understand how they work if you choose to use a mod.  All three are essential items, but most people have no idea what they do, how they work, or why they’re important.  Keep reading to find out more about these three devices.  Once you understand how they work, you can cater your e-cig experience to your exact needs.

Atomiser Tanks

Every electronic cigarette contains a tank, a battery, and an atomiser.  It is the atomiser that is responsible for turning the e-liquid into a vapour.  Sometimes, depending on the device, there will be another item in between the atomiser and the liquid – either a cartomiser or a clearomiser.  Every type of e-cigarette you will buy, therefore, will have an atomiser, but not every e-cig will contain a cartomiser or a clearomiser.

The atomiser contains a coil, which is powered by the battery.  This coil is heated up by the battery, and it is this that warms the e-liquid, turning it into vapour.  When the atomiser is by itself, the liquid drips straight onto the wick of the atomiser, which absorbs it.  It is the wick that determines how much liquid is permitted near the coil, thus moderating the amount of vapour that is produced.  Dripping ensures that the liquid tastes potent and clear, and ensures the vapour doesn’t become too hot.  On the downside though, devices that don’t contain cartomisers or clearomisers can be a pain to clean out, and they can also cause the e-liquid to taste burnt when not maintained properly.

Cartomiser Tanks

Cartomisers are seen as being a bit outdated, and are often seen on older models of e-cigarettes.  Similar to cartomisers in that they have a coil and a tank, they differ in the way that they send liquid to the coil.  Usually filled with an artificial filler called poly-fill, cartomisers make the cartridge unfillable, making them a one dose and you’re done device.  (There are a few cartomisers that can be refilled using a needle, but it’s not easy to do, and it can be very hard to clean).

The main advantage of cartomisers is that they already contain the atomiser, and they connect directly to the battery.  And, because they were devised to be used just the one time, they are as simple to use as simply screwing on and replacing when needed.  This makes them the ideal device for beginners, and those who want less hassle when replacing their tanks.

Clearomiser Tanks

There are a few different types of clearomisers, and the way they differ involves the coil.

  • Top coil clearomisers are the easiest type to refill since you can fill them up from the top, however their wicks aren’t the best, so they don’t offer consistently good flavour like some of the other options. When working correctly, though, they provide a nice, warm vapour.
  • Bottom coil clearomisers have a great wick system, and great quality vapour. The vapour that they produce is cool, and you won’t need to worry about it burning your throat.  On the downsides, these can be harder to refill, and they are prone to leaking if not securely fastened.
  • Multiple coil clearomisers tend to use two coils to create a stronger throat hit. However, the extra vapour comes at a price, and in this case it’s the battery life.

Which E-Cig Tank is Best?

If you are a beginner, we recommend opting for a top coil clearomiser to start with.  Whilst cartomisers are easier to use, they are quite outdated now, and a lot of e-cig manufacturers have stopped making them altogether.  Clearomisers make it easy to see how much e-liquid you have left, and you won’t struggle to find a tank that contains the right amount of liquid for the vaping session you want to do.

If you currently have an electronic cigarette but are unhappy with the vape that you are getting, it might be time to consider upgrading.  Try out the various options, and see which one meets your needs.  One thing’s for sure: there are so many different types of e-cigarettes, and tanks, that you are sure to find one that is suitable.

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