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    SMOK Pioneer e-Pipe Review

    Even though pipe mods are certainly not for all vapers, they’re in high demand by those who do use them and seek them out. But because pipe mods aren’t for every vaper out there, there also aren’t a lot of them available for people to choose from, especially when compared to the many other e-cig products produced and released regularly.

    Up until recently, the only types of pipe mods that you’d be able to find were handcrafted and expensive. But SMOK has changed things by offering two types of this rare e-cig mechanical. There’s the e-Pipe, which is pretty much self-explanatory, and then there’s the new Pioneer e-Pipe, which will be discussed in the review that follows.


    Key Features and Specifications

    • 18350 battery
    • eGo and 510 threading
    • 7-amp safety fuse
    • Locking ring
    • Instructions