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    777 (Triple Seven) eCigs e-Hookah Review

    For hookah fans and those who are simply interested in smoking a hookah, 777 has created an e-Hookah product that is sure to please. This electronic vaporising product will give you the experience of a regular tobacco-infused hookah without the need for tobacco. Instead, you will experience intense flavours within the vapour to take your smoking to a new level.

    Smoking the e-Hookah is basically like smoking any other vaping product. You place some of your favourite e-liquid into the device, it is vaporised, and you can enjoy it by inhaling it just as you would inhale on the vape of an e-cig. But the body of the e-Hookah produces a thicker vape than an e-cig would, so you get to enjoy even more flavour.

    Continue reading for our review of the 777 e-Hookah, and to learn why we recommend this product so much.


    Key Features & Specifications

    • 2 hoses to allow for multiple smokers enjoying different flavours
    • A 2200mAh battery and a wall charger
    • 5-pack blank e-Hookah cartridges (refillable)
    • Shisha liquids deliver a lot more flavour
    • Easy to assemble and use