eLeaf iJust D14 and D16 Review

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The eLeaf iJust D16 and D14 batteries are available with or without a glassomiser tank. However, we decided to use them with the glassomisers in order to provide our readers with a more thorough review. We feel that these components put together provide e-cig smokers with an advanced, high quality, and reliable vaporiser that will probably exceed your expectations.

So what did we think of these products? Continue reading to learn more.


Key Features and Specifications

  • D14 comes in 650mAh and 900mAh with variable voltage
  • D16 comes in 850mAh and 1700mAh with variable voltage
  • D14 and D16 are 510, eGo threaded
  • LED readout
  • D14 can be used with a GS14 glassomiser, and D16 can be used with a GS16 glassomiser

First Impressions

What we realised right away was that the features on the iJust D16 and D14 are really easy to learn and operate, making these both attractive tools for e-cig smokers who are looking to upgrade their current setup. The D14 comes in 900mAh and 650mAh options, and the D16 comes in 850mAh or the incredible 1700mAh.

Both the D14 and D16 also feature variable voltage, sporting a 3.3v-5v range. And the maximum output level of both is 10w. Also, these are eGo threaded and 510.


The glassomisers that we tried out were the GS14 and GS16. These are eGo threaded or 510, rather than both. We feel that the battery really looks best when paired with the GS glassomiser, which works perfectly with the D14 and D16 batteries. Nevertheless, users have the option of using other devices with these products, whether they are manufactured by eLeaf or not. For example, we were able to use a Spinner 2 and Spinner 1 with the G16 glassomiser. While the Spinner 2 had better results overall, the Spinner 1 also produced enough vape for a good experience. You can also try using the X.Jet Spider or the Aspire CE3 with the D14 and D16 to get equally good results. But bear in mind that top performance and looks will be achieved when you use the GS glassomiser with a D battery, just as they were intended.

The batteries have a 5-click on-off feature, and their firing buttons are easy enough to learn to use quickly. The end cap has an LED display that conveniently counts the time of each drag, as well as the battery power that remains.

The GS16’s capacity is 2.6ml. It’s made of Pyrex glass and stainless steel. Unscrew the base to access the dual bottom coil head. The G14, on the other hand, has a 1.8ml capacity and is thinner. And for the GS series overall, you can use 1.6ohm or 1.8 ohm coil heads.

Giving It a Test Run

The eLeaf iJust D14 and D16 may take a little getting used to at first. Be sure to read the instruction manual thoroughly to really understand how to make the most of these products. We didn’t realise it at first, but you use the bezel near the firing button to twist it slowly and move the battery into positions that give you the best view of the display found on the end cap. This will show you the voltage, which will default to 3.3v and will then continue to increase with each additional click.


Once we got the hang of things, we began to really enjoy using the D14 and D16. Both are variable voltage products, so you have the option of finding your favourite spot with the right amount of flavour and vapour.

We found that the 4.1v, combined with the 1.8ohm coil, was the ideal setting for us. And we also noted that we were able to enjoy the same great flavour of our favourite e-liquids but with much more vapour that was actually really warm rather than the lukewarm temperatures we experience with other devices like the X.Jet. So go ahead and push the coils of the GS16 higher because you won’t be sacrificing any flavour in the process.

Final Thoughts

The more we use these products, the more we love them. Ultimately, we feel that a great way to take advantage of these high quality devices would be to purchase the D14 and the D16 so you can swap them out whenever they need to be recharged. This will allow you to enjoy a non-stop smoking experience, and you’ll probably find that these are some of the best products on the e-cig market. They perform as marketed and they’re priced right for a variety of budgets.

One Comment

  1. I picked up a couple of iJust D16’s this week.

    One with the 850mah and one with the 1700mah battery and I can honestly say that I am impressed with the ease of operation, flashy LED lights and great build quality, these are built like tanks! The quality of vape is fantastic as well!

    I’ve read some reviews saying that the kit didn’t come with a charger but mine did.

    Highly recommended!

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