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This unique box mod’s name may be deceiving, as it is not really a ‘stick,’ but rather a rectangular box that is smaller in size than a deck of cards. But rest assured that, with variable wattage and variable voltage, it packs a lot of punch despite its small size.

As soon as we heard about the eLeaf iStick, we knew that we wanted to give it a try and write up a review for our readers to decide whether it is the right box mod for them. Below are the results of our tests.


Key Features and Specifications

  • OLED display
  • 2200mAh lithium-ion battery with low power alert and low voltage protection
  • Variable voltage and wattage of 3v-5.5v and up to 20W
  • Atomisers range from 1ohm to 3ohm, with short-circuit protection
  • 10 seconds maximum for each drag

First Impressions

The eLeaf iStick is available in four different colours, which are red, blue, silver, and black. All of them feature an OLED display that is bright and easy to read on one side, as well as adjustment buttons that allow you to increase or decrease the wattage and voltage as you so choose. There is also a decently sized firing button that is easy to access. The display lets you know the wattage, voltage, atomiser resistance, and battery charge.


Even though the buttons are not placed flush to the item itself, they do not stick out very far from it either. In fact, they are pretty much perfectly placed so that you can gain easy access to them for making adjustments and using your box mod without any problems getting in the way of the experience.

The eLeaf iStick also features three different ways to manually adjust the wattage and voltage to your preference. Simply press the minus or plus buttons to decrease and increase the wattage and voltage in various increments, rather than the typical .5w increments for wattage or .1v voltage increments.



Also, we found that if you hold down the minus or plus button for a several seconds, you will enter Auto mode. This lets you increase and decrease the wattage and voltage by 0.1v/w. Pressing the button again will allow you to decrease or increase it by 0.2. And pressing it once more will allow you to customise the wattage and voltage by 0.5. These variable increments are great at giving you the precise smoking experience you are looking for, putting you in control.

Giving It a Test Run

For those with smaller hands, box mods can be pretty uncomfortable and difficult to use. But we were pleasantly surprised by the iStick’s size, which is a lot smaller than the other box mods that we have tried. It fits quite easily into the palm of your hand so that you can smoke stealthily and comfortably while enjoying plenty of advanced, new features.


We tested the eLeaf iStick with the Aerotank v2 and the Nautilus Mini. Upon getting a full charge, we realised that both the Aerotank and the Nautilus were great choices because they all worked together very well in terms of performance. Plus, the sizes of these devices worked perfectly together too. But you can certainly choose pretty much any 510 glassomiser, cartomiser, and atomiser that you prefer to use with the 510-threading on the iStick.


To test the accuracy of the iStick’s metering system, we used a 2-in-1 voltage and ohm meter. We tested it by using the 1.6ohm coil on the Nautilus and 1.8ohm on the Aerotank, and we were pleased to see that the iStick did not fail at reading these exactly as our meter. This translates to advanced electronics that you can depend upon. The iStick proved itself to be an accurate and solid product.


Overall, the iStick has proven that it can create a consistently pleasing vape, as well as accurate metering. And when you look at this device and feel it with your hands, you know that it is built well using materials that you can count on for the long haul. Adjustments are easily made without your fingers slipping, thanks to the buttons being the right size. The firing button, too, is big enough that you can rest your thumb on it and enjoy a safe fire.

Final Thoughts

Because this box mod is smaller, though, you may want to test it out in your hands first to see if it fits right. If it fits, though, you are sure to fall in love with it and its 2200mAh battery life.

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