Heimdall Mod Clone Review

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Owning clones that are produced in the e-cig market usually comes with a host of concerns, including the fact that these products may be made using inferior raw materials, the manufacturing process may include dangerous shortcuts, and there may be personal safety concerns at play. And those concerns do not even take intellectual property rights into account. Therefore, unless you really know and trust the maker of a clone, it is probably better to stay away from them. Nevertheless, we decided to get our hands on and review the Heimdall Style Mod, a clone that comes with a great price and is much more affordable than the authentic Heimdall.

Remember, clones are different from counterfeit e-cig products. And as long as China is in the picture, cloning everything they want, and as long as high quality mechanicals are too far out of many e-cig smokers’ budgets, there will always be clones in this market.

Interested in seeing what our verdict on the Heimdall Mod Clone is? Continue reading to see our review.


Key Features and Specifications

  • Features 510-threading
  • Brass contacts, as well as an adjustable positive contact
  • Firing button is on the bottom and is spring-loaded, along with a locking ring that is reverse-threaded
  • Includes a set of tubes that are 18650, 18500, and 18350
  • Can house a single 18650, 18500, or 18350 battery, but the battery is sold separately

First Impressions

Once you see the Heimdall original and the Heimdall clone side by side, you will quickly realise that they do very much look alike, with minor differences that relate to the actual quality of the brass that the manufacturers use, the number that is found on the tube, the plating in silver, and other small details. But it is worth remembering that, unlike the clone, which is mass-produced in China, the original is constructed in smaller sized lots using a high level of care and control throughout the process.


Giving It a Test Run

As a result of the centre pin not being as moveable or precise as the authentic Heimdall, one thing that we noticed right away when we went to use the clone was the fact that the battery rattles. Upon closer observation, we also realised that the silver plating used on the product is not as thick as that of the original. Also, the caps and tube don’t screw together as smoothly and as easily as the real Heimdall, though the clone is tolerable in this regard.


What really matters, though, is not these minor details. Rather, what matters is how the clone performs. So we got to work right away so that we could actually use this product and give an honest opinion on its performance. And we must say that we were pleasantly surprised. In fact, it was difficult, for the most part, to tell the difference between the original and the clone. Most e-cig smokers will probably feel the same way. Ultimately, the differences that are there will go unnoticed by average e-cig smokers, and many of the differences are really only detectable when you hook these products up to testing equipment.


Essentially, many e-cig smokers will gladly go with something like the Heimdall Mod Clone because it performs nearly as well as the original, to the point that they would not notice the difference because it is so minor. For example, while the original may ensure that a 3.7v output occurs every time you use the firing button, the clone may give you 3.69v the majority of the time and 3.71v the rest of the time. And the clone causes only minor drop offs, so, again, most smokers will gladly spend a lot less money and get the clone because having nearly zero drop off isn’t as important as being able to save a lot of money in the long run.


Final Thoughts

Remember, a mechanical mod is a simple product whose purpose is to basically send an accurate and uninterrupted flow of power to your atomiser. This should be done consistently and safely. So as long as a good quality clone can do this–and do it well–we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t invest in one if it fits your budget more comfortably than its original counterpart. If you are in search of more than the basics, though, stick with the original Heimdall.

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