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Getting to Know the Vaping Community

More and more people are switching from smoking to vaping every day, thanks to the fact that it’s a much safer and healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes. But there’s also a good number of people all over the planet who are taking up vaping even if they never smoked before. It’s no wonder that vaping is taking the world by storm and there are a host of manufacturers producing a variety of products to suit every vaper’s needs.

But what exactly does the vaping community look like? Does it consist mostly of men or women? Is it a predominantly young group of consumers who have taken up vaping, or is it an older population? To get to know the vaping community on a whole, continue reading for a few interesting statistics.

Age Groups


The majority of people who vape fall in the age range of 18 to 29. The second largest group is also on the younger end of the spectrum, consisting of 30 to 39 year olds, followed by those in their 40s and then those in their 50s and up to age 64.

Those in the age group of 65 and over only make up a small percentage of vapers, probably because vaping is a newer hobby that has come about as the popularity of smoking has greatly diminished. Nevertheless, it’s great to see that people of all ages are enjoying vaping, even if the older crowd only makes up a small part of the overall vaping community.



In terms of whether women or men do more vaping, men win. Making up about 88% of the vaping community, men dominate with their love of e-cigs and flavoured e-liquids. But women aren’t totally discounted because they make up 12% of the population, and that number will continue increasing as vaping becomes more popular. After all, when it comes to smoking, there are plenty of women who enjoy cigarettes, so it’s highly probable that they’d also enjoy vaping. In fact, women may appreciate the benefits of vaping more than men do once they get to know the products available, especially since there are so many deliciously flavoured and scented e-liquids that would directly appeal to women.

Marital Status of Vapers


When it comes to demographics, it’s important to also note the marital status of individuals, as it’s interesting to note whether hobbies and habits change once a man or woman gets married and/or has children. And when it comes to something like vaping, many are curious to know whether or not vapers stick with their habits after they settle down and have a family. After all, many smokers choose to quit once they’ve found their spouse and started a family, especially since they want to be healthy for years to come and smoking has such terrible effects on health.

The majority of people in the vaping community are single. The second largest group, though, consists of men and women in relationships. Married people make up the third largest segment of the vaping population, while divorced individuals make up the smallest portion.

How Long People Have Been Vaping


In analysing the vaping community on a whole, it’s also important to note just how long people have been vaping. Some may be beginners and may end up leaving vaping behind, while others may be long-term vapers who intend to continue vaping long-term for years to come.

The group of vapers who’ve only been vaping for 0 to 6 months make up the majority of the community. The second largest segment has been vaping for 6 months, while the third largest segment has been vaping anywhere from 1 to 1½ years. The smallest segments of the community consist of those who’ve been vaping for 2 to 2½ years or 3½ years or more, respectively.

It’s probably safe to assume that these stats are the way they are because vaping is fairly new and has only been gaining a lot more popularity over the last couple of years. As vaping becomes more well-known and accessible to a larger population, and as people continue to vape for longer periods of time, these numbers may begin to shift. These numbers will also depend upon whether people use vaping short-term just to quit smoking.

Previous Smoking Habits and Quitting


The majority of people who vape used to smoke 11 to 20 cigarettes daily, followed by those who used to smoke 21 to 40 cigarettes daily. Only a small group of vapers never smoked cigarettes prior to vaping.

Also, the majority of smokers who started vaping actually ended up quitting cigarettes altogether. Most people who vape have gone months, or even a full year, without smoking.

Whether you’re a vaper or a business that operates within the vaping niche, analysing the demographics of the vaping community isn’t only interesting, but also important, especially for businesses that need to be able to understand and anticipate vapers’ needs. It will certainly be intriguing to see how these current statistics change over time.

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