Infographic: Guide to Vaping E-Cigarettes Abroad

If you love vaping, you probably want to take along your favourite vaping device whenever you travel. But travelling abroad can be tricky, so follow the tips below.

Before You Head Off


Before you head off on your trip, check on any regulations that may prevent you from taking your vaping equipment with you. Confirm whether or not there are any restrictions from the airline that you’re using, as this is the best way to avoid having your vaping device and accessories confiscated at the airport.

Also brush up on the local laws of the place you’re travelling to. This, too, will prevent any problems you may run into—particularly, legal problems—if you’re found using your vaping device while abroad. In the event that vaping isn’t legal, you’ll know to leave your device at home.

A Checklist of Items to Pack


Here’s a list of items you should remember to pack if you want to be certain you’ll have everything you need for vaping abroad:

  1. Your preferred vaping device
  2. Cartomiser(s)
  3. Your preferred e-liquids
  4. Batteries and chargers, including car chargers, if necessary
  5. Spare wires, coils, and wicks
  6. A crush-proof case
  7. An international plug adapter
  8. Napkins for controlling flooded clearomisers or accidental spills

You should also bring along extra e-liquid because you may not be able to purchase any at your destination (or you may not be able to locate reputable vendors who can guarantee the quality of their e-cig juices).

On top of additional e-liquid, you should also carry extra batteries. It may be difficult to get to a charging point when you need it, but having a few spare batteries on hand will mean that you can continue to vape to your heart’s content without any interruptions.

And, finally, it’s recommended that you also pack a few extra clearomisers. In this way, you’ll be able to alternate between refilling and cleaning. Plus, the extra clearomisers will come in handy if you enjoy vaping a variety of flavours.

How to Properly Pack Your Vaping Devices and Accessories

To prevent damage to your e-cig device and accessories, you need to pack everything appropriately. This will also prevent accidental spills. For example, to keep your vaping products from breaking, pack everything in a crush-proof case.

You can prevent leaks by simply making sure the bottles containing your e-liquids are closed tightly. Pack these bottles securely so that they don’t come loose and so that they don’t break while in transit. Remember, too, that clearomisers can end up leaking while on the plane as a result of changes in air pressure, so be sure to pack them separately in sealed bags.

And, finally, make sure that your batteries are completely charged and packed separately. This means they should be packed individually and that they shouldn’t be in your vaping device. If batteries are packed together, their ends can touch one another, short out, and cause a fire in your luggage.

Get Through Security Checkpoints with Ease


Be sure to check with your airline prior to heading to the airport in order to find out what restrictions they have upon liquids onboard. Usually, there’s a 100ml limit, but most e-liquid bottles come in 30ml sizes. This will ensure you pack the appropriate amount of e-liquid. Just be certain, too, that you pack these e-cig juices in the appropriate bottles.

Be sure to pack your vaporiser in your carry-on luggage. This is because the airline staff may end up checking your luggage, finding your vaporiser, and discarding it.

When it comes to batteries, be sure to place them in the security basket along with your other metal devices, such as your smartphone, laptop, keys, etc.

As best as possible, retain all of your devices and accessories in their original packaging. This will prove that your materials aren’t drug paraphernalia.

Vaping While Travelling


Though some airports have smoking areas, it’s generally prohibited, and this includes vaping. In the event you aren’t sure whether an airport has restrictions, ask customer service or security to be sure you can vape before doing so.

Vaping while on the flight is also generally prohibited, but you may want to be sure by asking a flight attendant.

Vaping in rental cars may not be allowed either, especially if the rental car company has strict rules against smoking in the cars. Therefore, ask for clarification first in order to avoid being overcharged.

Vaping in Various Countries

As of September 2014, some of the countries that allow vaping include, but are not limited to, the UK, the US, China, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Poland. Countries that have banned vaping include, but are not limited to, Austria, Argentina, Venezuela, Belgium, and Egypt.

Again, check the vaping laws of the country you’re travelling to in order to know whether or not you should take along your vaping device.

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