Innokin iTaste DRV Car Kit Review

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The Innokin iTaste DRV is a truly innovative product. It provides variable voltage in a car pass-through product that actually kind of looks like a really neat little gear shifter rather than an e-cig. Basically, it’s manufactured with the specific purpose of enjoying your e-cigs in your car or truck, as well as on a plane, boat, or wherever you can find an accessory socket and/or built-in cigarette lighter.

As you may have guessed, we wanted to give this neat little device a try, so we tested it as soon as we got one, and our review of the experience is below for our readers to enjoy.


Key Features and Specifications

  • Variable voltage ranging from 4.2v to 6.4v
  • Scale display voltage
  • 510 eGo-threaded
  • Low voltage and short circuit protection, as well as overtime vaping warning
  • Use in your vehicle with a cigarette lighter or accessory socket

First Impressions

As with any of the many advanced devices offered by Innokin, you can expect that the iTaste DRV will provide you with convenience and comfort. Use any vehicle cigarette lighter, or an accessory socket in your vehicle, and you’ll be able to use this product anywhere and everywhere you go. Just remember to bring along your atomiser and your e-liquid.


So, even though you may have had to carry along a few extra batteries in the past to ensure you’d have enough vaping power to last you throughout your trip away from home or the office, now you can just plug the device into your car. Though you may still want to carry a spare battery with you, you’ll find that using the iTaste DRV helps you avoid depleting your batteries, especially during long car rides.

The variable voltage on this unique device ranges from 4.2v all the way to 6.4v, and it’s designed to use atomisers that are as low as 1.0ohm.

Giving It a Test Run

This device arrives with a coiled cord that you can stretch to plug it into your data port or car cigarette lighter. An iClear 16D is found on the opposite end, and the cord stretches nicely so you can enjoy a delightful e-cig smoking experience while on the go, especially if the port that you plug it into is located in an ideal spot within your vehicle, such as near your gear shifter.

As far as the cable goes, it features 510 eGo threading, which means you can go beyond using the iClear 16D if you want to. We tested the device out with the AeroTank, the Aspire Vivi Nova-S, the X.Jet Spider, and the iClear X.I., among others, and what we found was that everything worked great.

To test out the variable voltage, we decided to use 2.2ohm, 2.0ohm, and 1.8ohm atomisers, and we found the performance to be perfect with each of these. However, we have to admit that we didn’t go to the maximum voltage of 6.4v. We did find that adjusting the voltage was really easy, as all you have to do is simply twist the dial until you find the ideal setting, which takes a few short seconds. We also found that the device’s voltage dial was very easy to learn to use. Plus, the voltage figures weren’t difficult to read even while in our vehicle.


Once we became even more comfortable using the iTaste DRV, we decided to continue to experiment by changing the clearomisers we were using. Again, we weren’t disappointed, as each one that we tried worked very well with this device. Our favourites, though, were the Kanger AeroTank Mini, along with the X.Jet Spider. Nevertheless, you can definitely test out your own favourites and see which ones you like best.

The only difficulties we encountered during our test of this product included where to rest it when we weren’t using it in our cars. Depending upon your vehicle, it may be difficult to find the ideal spot to hold it in when it isn’t in use. Also, it’s important to not leave the clearomiser in your vehicle when you get out of it because if the temperature inside the car were to get too hot, the clearomiser would more than likely leak, as the liquid would be pushed out of the device as the temperature continued to rise.

Final Thoughts

If you spend a lot of time on the road or if you find that you change your batteries often when you’re travelling, this product will definitely come in handy. On the other hand, if you don’t really travel or you only take short, quick trips, it may not be worth investing in it.

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