Innokin iTaste SVD Review

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Innokin is known for its variety of innovative devices, including the regular and mini versions of the 134, the Cool Fire mods, and the VTR. But one of the devices that it has produced in recent years that has stood the test of time is the iTaste MVP, which has been followed up with the iTaste SVD, which actually stands for “Superior Vaping Device.”

We wondered if this device was really just as superior as it claims to be, so we spent a bit of time playing around with it and testing it to see what our impression would be overall. Below is the review showcasing our experience with the Innokin iTaste SVD. Hopefully our insights will help you make the right buying decision if you’re looking for this type of product to enhance your e-cig smoking experience.


Key Features and Specifications

  • Variable wattage that ranges from 3.0-15.0 watts, with 0.5w increments
  • Variable voltage that ranges from 3.3-6.0 volts, with 0.1v increments
  • Safety features, such as short circuit protection and reverse battery protection circuit, as well as battery safety protection and overtime vaping warning
  • Low voltage warning, battery voltage detection, and resistive load detection
  • Telescopic tube for 18650, 18500, and 18350 batteries

First Impressions

Right off the bat, we were impressed by the myriad features that can be found on the iTaste SVD. This is a telescopic device that’s packed with more than one battery tube.


It will arrive connected to its longer tube, which is made for the 18650 battery, but you can always swap it out for the shorter tube, which is also included in the package, so you can use smaller batteries like the 18500 and the 18350.

We also noticed that this device has a convenient 510-eGo combo connector, and the beauty ring is easily removed by unscrewing it. This makes it easy to use a variety of cartomisers and clearomisers with recessed connections.


To be clear, the package that the iTaste SVD comes in contains two iClear 30 tanks with a rotatable tip, five atomiser heads, two of which are pre-installed in the tank, and a short telescopic tube for use with the 18350 battery, as well as a long telescopic tube for use with 18500 and 18650 batteries. We like that you get everything you need in order to enjoy a great vaping experience as soon as you open up the box and take out the device.

Giving It a Test Run

To really test the effectiveness of the iTaste SVD, we decided to try it out with a variety of atomising devices. We also set it up for use with batteries that ranged from the 18350 to the larger 18650. And we made it a point to test the device thoroughly by using it both on the go and in the comfort of home.


Once we got down to using the iTaste SVD, we found that it has solid, reliable performance, with accurate resistance checks and fast power adjustments. And what’s even better is the fact that, even as your battery begins to lose its power, the device’s performance doesn’t take a turn for the worse. Instead, it maintains its high quality vaping even as your battery’s capacity dwindles.

In the end, we weren’t really surprised that we were so pleased with this product. After all, it’s an Innokin product. When out and about, we would use the short battery tube with the 18500 battery and our favourite clearomiser, like the Aspire. But when we didn’t need to worry about the device being portable and pocket-friendly, we paired it with the 18650 and found that it continued to provide solid performance without having to worry about swapping out the battery as often.


No matter where we chose to use the iTaste SVD, though, we liked the fact that we had control over both the voltage and wattage. To switch between the wattage and voltage modes, all we had to do was hold down the “Up” or “Down” and firing buttons at the same time. The display would show “Po” for Power mode or “Vo” for Voltage.

Final Thoughts

The price is a friendly one for all budgets, even those who are new to these types of devices and are looking for an affordable option. Essentially, you can get this device at a great price but still enjoy all of the superb features that the newest Innokin products have to offer.

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