Innokin MVP V2 Review

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We have used a lot of Innokin products, so we were really excited to be able to try out the Innokin MVP v2, especially since we really enjoyed using the original MVP and we generally find Innokin products to be high performing devices that are ideal for those who take their e-cig smoking experience seriously.

To provide you with some background, it is important to note that when the MVP was released, it was an innovative product that drew a lot of attention to itself. But when a lot of people tested it out, they felt that, while it was a great little product, it could still use some improvements. It was not long before Innokin decided to take the MVP to the next level, and they have released the v2 as a result.

The MVP v2 promises a compact size, a very long battery life, and plenty of power in an attractive package. But does it really live up to its claims? We got our hands on one to test it out in the real world, and our review of the experience is below.

Key Features and Specifications

  • 510 eGo threading
  • 2600mAh battery with 3-light battery life indicator
  • Variable voltage and variable wattage, with voltage ranging from 3 to 5 and wattage ranging from 6 to 11
  • Puff counter
  • Features micro-USB, mini-USB, and 30-pin connector

First Impressions

The Innokin MVP v2 features 510 eGo threading, which we were happy to see, especially since the original MVP did not have eGo compatibility. This upgrade will let you add a wider range of cartomisers and clearomisers to this product, thereby expanding the number of people who can use it who prefer to stick with X.Jet and Aspire lines, as well as cartomisers like the SMOKTech Dual Coil Mega XXL.


We also liked the fact that the firing button features a convenient 3-click deactivation and activation, and the easy-to-understand 3-light LED battery life indicator is also great. Also, on the product’s left side, you will be able to easily locate the pair of adjustment buttons and the 3-character LED display. But you won’t find the “+” and “-” adjustment buttons on this device. Instead, you will find the buttons labelled “U” for adjusting the voltage and “P” for adjusting the power. Press both of the buttons at the same time to check the resistance of your atomising device.


Whenever you press the power or voltage adjustment buttons, you will be able to read the puff counter and the current output in wattage or voltage. Then it is easy to adjust the output however you wish, with ranges that include 6-11 watts and 3-5 volts.

Other standout features include the incredible 2600mAh battery and the ability to use your MVP v2 to charge other devices using a USB port. In all, the device features a total of three connectors, which are the micro-USB, the mini-USB, and the 30-pin connector for popular Apple products like the iPhone and iPad.

Giving It a Test Run

Without a doubt, we think the Innokin MVP v2 is a standout product. When it is paired up with the appropriate atomising device, like the iClear 30B, it is able to provide reliable and consistent power for days once it is fully charged. This proves that the 2600mAh battery is certainly a powerful one that delivers the results it promises. If you are tired of having to continually recharge, this device could be a perfect solution.


We did find that the wattage and voltage ranges were smaller than those of the iTaste 134 and iTaste SVD. But this did not get in our way because the vaping power was great and the taste of all of the e-liquids that we tried was consistently fantastic. So, in the end, it really does not matter that it can’t go up as high as other products in terms of voltage and wattage because, even if it could, it would probably compromise the taste of the e-liquids used.

We also found that we enjoyed using the MVP v2 at home more than on the go. Whenever we did take it out of the house with us, we found it was more comfortable and secure to place it in a jacket pocket rather than in a pants pocket.

Final Thoughts

It is probably a good device for those who are already experienced with vaping and are in search of a consistently strong e-cig smoking experience that will last for a very long time between battery charges.

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Innokin MVP V2
  • Design and build quality
  • Features and functions
  • Performance and vapour production
  • Value for money


Overall, the performance and extended battery life of the MVP v2 makes it a powerful player in the world of e-cig smoking, and we were not disappointed by the way it operates. The asking price is friendly, and there are plenty of great and unique features to make this product worth the investment.

User Rating: 4.0 (2 votes)

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