Joyetech eGrip Review

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Joyetech has made quite a name for itself in the e-cig device market, with a variety of solid products that include the eCom-BT, the eCom-Mega, the eVic Supreme, and plenty of other great eCom kits that have become extremely popular amongst serious e-cig smokers. So when word got out that they were releasing a brand new product, called the eGrip, which is the brand’s premiere built-in atomiser e-cig, we were really excited and looked forward to writing a review on it for our readers.

What follows is our review of the Joyetech eGrip. Did we love it, hate it, or feel indifferent towards it? Only by reading on will you know the answer.


Key Features and Specifications

  • Includes 1 mouthpiece, 1 body, and 1 atomiser base
  • Comes with 2 CS atomiser heads
  • Can be charged using USB cable or wall adapter
  • Features a 510-drip tip
  • Adjustable wattage and airflow

First Impressions

The Joyetech eGrip arrives securely in an attractive white box. The kit comes with a convenient USB cable, a wall adapter, and a second coil head. Once the device is lifted out of the box, though, you will quickly realise that this product is definitely heavier than it first appears. While it does fit in the palm of your hand, it does feel heavier than the eVic Supreme.


One disappointing feature that may be immediately noticed, is the lack of any kind of connector. We didn’t see 510 threading, or any kind of threading. Also, we didn’t really like the fact that the long metal drip tip was sticking up out of the top of the device. But despite these minor flaws, we were able to find all of the most attractive qualities that this product does indeed offer.

There’s a pretty big circular cap that features a slotted indentation at the bottom of the eGrip. The indentation is for using a screwdriver or the side of a coin to unscrew the cover and get to the coil head inside the tank, sitting inside a metal cap. We liked this because it means that replacing the coil would be simple, regardless if the tank is full of your favourite e-liquid or if it is empty. All you have to do is unscrew it, lift out the coil, replace it, screw the piece back onto the device, let the coil saturate, and begin vaping.


This product will hold up to 3.7ml of e-liquid, and filling it up with the liquid is easy too. Charging the device can be done via USB when hooked up to your computer, or use the traditional wall adapter instead. And the 510-drip tip is super secure and strong.


Also, the coil head, which is the new CS head, is specifically made for this model. It is rated at 1.5ohms. Expect the performance to be anywhere from 3.5 volts to 5.5 volts, with up to 20 watts of power.

It is also worth mentioning that this product is available in the following colour options: camo, chrome, wood, and black. This means you can choose the colour that suits your preferences and be proud to show it off. After all, in addition to performance, you also want your e-cig device to look good.

Giving It a Test Run

We were really pleasantly surprised with the incredible performance of this seemingly simple little e-cig smoking device. The large clouds of vape were really impressive, especially since they occurred no matter what type of e-liquid was used.


Through real world use, we were also able to note that the battery has a long life, and the coil head performs extremely well too. We also like the 5-click off/on property, as well as the fact that you can track the amount of e-liquid left through the device’s clear window. And adjusting the wattage is also easy, thanks to the 360-degree ring that’s located towards the upper part of the eGrip.


We also liked the fact that you can actually adjust your airflow by simply turning a small slot located at the base of the eGrip. You can, for example, use this to make it easier to take a draw from the device or you can use it to tighten the draw. Or just stick with the default setting.

Final Thoughts

No matter what, you can expect that the vaping experience will be a pleasurable one, with plenty of big clouds of vape and delicious tasting e-liquid. This is definitely a small device that boasts big performance.