Joyetech eRoll Review

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The Joyetech eRoll is a little different from the many other convenient e-cig devices from this popular brand that we’ve had the pleasure of using and reviewing. The main difference with this particular product is the fact that it’s actually a 3-piece device that consists of the cartridge, atomiser, and battery.

Despite thinking that this product wouldn’t make us happy, we decided to check it out, and we’re definitely glad that we did. Continue reading to learn more about this product and to check out our review of it.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Two 90mAh batteries at 3.7v
  • Includes 3 cartridges, 1 atomiser cone, and 2 atomiser heads at 2.2ohms
  • Portable charging case
  • Comes with a bottle of e-liquid
  • USB and wall charger

First Impressions

The Joyetech eRoll really is a great product for e-cig smokers who are in search of the ideal miniature e-cig. If you want a small battery – a mini battery, in fact along with a sleek and modern design, this product is definitely worth considering. It comes in a beautiful and secure package, and it really is attractive to both new vapers and those who have been doing it for a long time.


This product features a 90mAh battery, so we were immediately sceptical that it wouldn’t last long enough to satisfy our smoking needs. We also became concerned that it wouldn’t actually produce a good enough vape.

Basically, when you receive your Joyetech eRoll, you can expect a complete kit to get you started. The package will include a single atomiser cone, two atomiser heads rated at 2.2ohms, a couple of batteries rated at 90mAh, 3 cartridges, a single USB charger and a wall charger, a convenient portable charging case, a user manual, a bottle of e-liquid, and a blunt needle lid to make filling up your tank easy. Remember that because the battery connection is actually proprietary, you can only use the eRoll cartridges and atomisers.


This product also comes in your choice of three colours, which are silver, white, and black. And safety features include atomiser protection, low voltage protection, and short-circuit protection.

Giving It a Test Run

We immediately wondered how well the battery would work and if the portable charging case would even be worthwhile, but we realised that the 1,000mAh portable case is actually really useful. You can basically charge up both of your batteries several times and not have to recharge the portable charging case, so it works out well. Also, the batteries will charge up rather quickly. However, the portable charging case will not hold any other objects other than the battery that it is charging up. Therefore, you can’t expect that you can fit an extra battery, or any other cartridges and atomisers, for that matter, into this case because it is really thin—thin enough to put into your pocket alongside your smartphone.


Nevertheless, charging the battery and the portable charging case is really simple. For example, to charge up your batteries, you just press the device into your charging port, close the portable charging case, and wait for the blue LED to turn on to ensure the battery is charging. Once it is complete, the LED light will shut off. The battery takes about 45 to 50 minutes to fully charge.

We like that the battery is an automatic one that is activated by puffing. You don’t even need to prime it by puffing two or three times like you have to do with other batteries. It’s rated at 3.7v, but you can still expect a pretty good vape. In fact, it will probably produce more vape than you anticipated.


But we found having to constantly recharge pretty annoying. You can really only expect to get maybe around an hour of vaping in before you have to recharge and refill your device. So, while the small design may be attractive to some, and while the product does work as it claims, it really is not designed for e-cig smokers who spend a lot of time vaping.

Final Thoughts

It may not be the ideal product for you if you find that you do not want to be refilling your cartridge continually, or if you do not want to deal with having to replace and clean your atomiser more often. Plus, the small battery means you will need to recharge it often, along with the portable charging case. All of these features may be a turn-off to many e-cig smokers, and they are worth taking into consideration.

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Joyetech eRoll
  • Design and build quality
  • Features and functions
  • Vapour production
  • Value for money


Overall, we found this really little device to be convenient when travelling or visiting friends. And, despite its small size, it is a high-tech item that provides a high quality e-cig smoking experience, from plenty of vape to great taste, so we can't complain about that.

User Rating: 3.0 (2 votes)

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