Kanger AeroTank Mega Review

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The Kanger AeroTank Mega is the new and upgraded version to the original AeroTank, and the AeroTank had plenty of great features to begin with. For example, most e-cig smokers who gave the first AeroTank a try really enjoyed using it because it provided stellar flavour that was clean and true tasting, along with plenty of vapour and the bonus of being able to control the airflow. From the drip tip that was made of stainless steel, to the long-lasting coil heads, most people were pretty satisfied with Kanger‘s product. The main issue seemed to be that it could have worked better if it had a tank with a bigger capacity. So the AeroTank Mega was produced in order to address these concerns and make an even better device.

To learn about the many features found on the AeroTank, continue reading for a review of the product. Bear in mind that these advancements do come with a higher price tag, though this item is probably worth your investment.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Airflow control
  • Stainless steel 510 drip tip and replacement tube
  • 2 dual coil atomiser heads rated at 2.0 ohms
  • Stainless steel and Pyrex glass tanks
  • Ego cone cover

First Impressions

One thing that many people notice upon seeing and feeling the Kanger AeroTank Mega for the first time is the fact that it actually has the appearance and feel of a rebuildable atomiser—albeit, a pretty expensive one. The tank is quite heavy, and the product features thick stainless steel in a lovely matte finish with a matching airflow controller. It is worth mentioning that the fact that the airflow controller matches the rest of the body really makes this product appear even more expensive and high quality than its predecessor. Sometimes it’s the tiny details that make the biggest difference.


Plus, this device comes with a stainless steel tank, as well as a tank made of Pyrex glass, and both provide great performance, so it really depends upon your aesthetic preferences which one you use more.

Giving It a Test Run

When users gave this high-end product a test run, they realised that they could enjoy more precision when it came to the airflow control. The original AeroTank gave you around six different options as you turned the dial to adjust it to your preferences, but with the AeroTank Mega, you can get almost 12. This means that you can further customise your vaping experience, and many users really appreciate this facet of the device.


Both the ProTank 3 and AeroTank coil heads will work perfectly with the new and improved AeroTank Mega. And these 2.0 ohm coil heads are stronger looking, as well as larger. You will notice the hidden wicks as well. In terms of actual performance, these do not disappoint. Plus, they have been designed in a way that will allow them to be in working condition for roughly twice as long as the coils on the AeroTank. Many users who give the AeroTank Mega a test run over the course of a few days can vouch for this because they do not notice degradation of any kind in the vape that is produced.

When using this product, it was noted that users should take some precautions. For example, when you unscrew the bottom portion of your tank in order to fill it up with more e-liquid, you will basically be temporarily breaking the seals, so you should expect that e-liquid will end up leaking from your drip tip. This leaking could end up in the centre post as well. To avoid this problem, simply take a cloth or a paper towel and wrap it around your mouthpiece as you unscrew your base. It is also recommended that you maintain and refill the amount of e-liquid within the AeroTank Mega so it does not go under the 1/3 full line.

This device does produce huge clouds of vapour. In fact, you will probably notice that, compared with similar devices, this one definitely outperforms in terms of vapour production. But, just as importantly, this device also produces a vape that contains the best flavours from whatever e-liquids you decide to use.

Final Thoughts

In the long run, your decision may ultimately be based upon your budget, and with the AeroTank Mega being on the more expensive end, it may be out of a lot of people’s price range.

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eroTank Mega
  • Design and build quality
  • Features and specification
  • Vapour production
  • Value for money


Many people have found that the AeroTank Mega is a better product than the Aspire Nautilus. But others have found that devices like the Nautilus surpass the performance or quality of the AeroTank Mega. Nevertheless, all of these products have one thing in common: they will take your e-cig smoking experience to a whole other level, so they are certainly a worthwhile investment for serious e-cig smokers.

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