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    Kanger Subtank Nano Review

    When we review subtanks those produced by Kangertech are often portrayed very favourably and the Kanger Subtank Nano is no exception. It is right up there with the best of them in terms of adaptability and performance. We decided to take a look at it ourselves and review it because of all the positive things […]

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    Kanger Subtank Mini Review

    Kanger Subtank Mini Review We decided it was time to take a closer look at the new Kanger Subtank Mini Clearomiser. Right out of the box we were pleased as we could tell it was going to be a better design than its bigger predecessor, the Kanger Subtank, because of its smaller size and profile. […]

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    KangerTech ProTank 2 Review

    Many people who tested out the Kanger ProTank when it was released were not really happy with the way it operated. It had a metal drip tip that was permanent, it was too heavy and unbalanced, and its draw was too airy. It simply did not produce the type of vape that most people expected, making it quite a disappointment for a good number of people who had higher expectations for it.

    Now Kanger is back with the ProTank 2, which is almost a 100% remake of the original ProTank. What people did not like about the original has now been changed, clearly proving that Kanger cares about what people have to say about their products, and that they are willing to change their devices in order to meet consumers’ demands.

    So now that all of these changes have been made, how does the Kanger ProTank 2 really stack up against the competition? Is it worthy of your money and time now? Check out the review below to learn more about it.


    Key Features and Specifications

    • Glue-free
    • Pyrex glass
    • Holds 2.5ml of e-liquid
    • 510-threaded
    • Replaceable drip tip
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    Kanger EMUS Review

    For those e-cig smokers who consider themselves cloud chasers, and for those who think an eGo battery is a small one that you would probably only use when you really needed to and you had no other choice, the Kanger EMUS is probably not an e-cig product that you would enjoy using. But for those individuals who are in search of an inexpensive e-cig product, the EMUS could be the solution that you have been looking for. This nice little e-cig boasts good performance, and its price is even better, so it is great for beginner vapers as well.

    Continue reading to learn a bit about what the Kanger EMUS is all about and what it has to offer.


    Key Features and Specifications

    • 510-threaded
    • Lock feature
    • Removable drip tip
    • Bottom coil clearomiser
    • 550mAh batteries and 1.2ml tanks
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    Kanger AeroTank Mega Review

    The Kanger AeroTank Mega is the new and upgraded version to the original AeroTank, and the AeroTank had plenty of great features to begin with. For example, most e-cig smokers who gave the first AeroTank a try really enjoyed using it because it provided stellar flavour that was clean and true tasting, along with plenty of vapour and the bonus of being able to control the airflow. From the drip tip that was made of stainless steel, to the long-lasting coil heads, most people were pretty satisfied with Kanger‘s product. The main issue seemed to be that it could have worked better if it had a tank with a bigger capacity. So the AeroTank Mega was produced in order to address these concerns and make an even better device.

    To learn about the many features found on the AeroTank, continue reading for a review of the product. Bear in mind that these advancements do come with a higher price tag, though this item is probably worth your investment.


    Key Features and Specifications

    • Airflow control
    • Stainless steel 510 drip tip and replacement tube
    • 2 dual coil atomiser heads rated at 2.0 ohms
    • Stainless steel and Pyrex glass tanks
    • Ego cone cover
  • kanger-aerotank-clearomiser-tank

    Kanger Aerotank Clearomiser Tank Review

    The Kanger AeroTank promises to be an extraordinary clearomiser, so we wanted to review it ourselves and see if it really lives up to its claims. Right off the bat, we will tell you that this is definitely a product worth checking out.

    With the Kanger AeroTank, you are getting a whole new class of clearomiser, much like others that have now sprung up on the market that feature adjustable airflow, such as the Aspire Nautilus. Many of our own personal complaints with other clearomisers that we’ve reviewed in the past focused on the fact that the drag was much too airy. And other reviewers of these products also felt the same way, so we’re positive that consumers shared these sentiments too. Now there are brands like Kanger who have clearly heard the complaints and done something about it.

    Continue reading to learn some of the many reasons why we feel that this e-cig device is so great. Hopefully our review will help you determine whether or not this is the right product for your vaping collection as well.


    Key Features and Specifications

    • Adjustable airflow control
    • 2 dual coil atomiser heads
    • 510 drip tip and 510-threaded
    • 2.5ml capacity
    • Glass tank