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When you first see the mōd Power Kit in a promotional photo, you may be surprised by how lovely it looks, especially if you are the type of person who makes it a point to purchase all of the latest and greatest and best looking gadgets and electronics, right down to those found on the e-cig market.

But just because the mōd Power Kit looks good does not necessarily mean that it performs just as well as it looks. Is it really worth investing in this product, or does it fall short? Continue reading to see a review of this product that will answer all of your questions and help you make the right buying decision for your vaping needs.


Key Features and Specifications

  • 3.7v 900mAh battery
  • Kanger ProTank coil head
  • Safety features include 3-click on/off, short circuit protection, and 10-second pull limit
  • Pass-through capability
  • Charger base included

First Impressions

So what can you expect when you get the mōd Power Kit, aside from a really good looking product? Well, to start, it comes with a 3.7 volt battery that is regulated and rated at 900mAh.


You will also receive this device equipped with a Kanger ProTank coil head. This has actually been redesigned as well, so the tank now holds about 2ml of your favourite e-liquid, and it does so securely and without any leaks.


There is absolutely no denying that the mōd Power Kit is an aesthetically pleasing device, complete with a super modern design and shape that also has conductive charging so you can simply put it into your charger base for it to start recharging immediately. Ultimately, this allows you to use the mōd Power Kit as often as you want to. When not in use, you can keep it in the charging stand, pretty much eliminating any chance of going to use the device only to find that it is not charged up enough to vape.


Another great spec on the mōd Power Kit is its pass-through feature. Simply plug the enclosed USB cable into a computer so that the battery can charge while you work and vape at the same time.


Safety features are also abundant on the mōd Power Kit. For example, it comes with short circuit protection, a 10-second pull limit, and a 3-click off/on function. The firing button, too, is secure, firm, and very well designed.

Giving It a Test Run

Despite having great specs and features, though, you should not go into purchasing the mōd Power Kit thinking that it will be a good e-cig device for cloud chasers. While it is powerful enough for most e-cig smokers’ needs, it certainly is not the most powerful device on the market. Then again, it really was not intended to fill these niches. Rather, it was meant to be a simple e-cig that just gets the job done. And that is what reviewers have found to be true after testing it out.


When tested in the real world, the mōd Power Kit is actually really well liked, so its features are definitely reliable and powerful, and this device goes beyond just being nice to look at. It has a reliable power source, along with an atomiser. And its modern battery outputs steady flows of 3.7v of power. Plus, the fact that the battery is regulated is also a perk as well because there are many batteries still on the e-cig market that aren’t regulated and are, therefore, not able to deliver a stream of steady power, from fully charged to nearly drained. But the mōd Power Kit, on the other hand, proved that it could deliver the full 3.7 volts until the battery was drained and needed to be recharged.


Most users also found that the vapour that is produced by this device is a lot better than initially anticipated. Some people do not expect such great vapour from Kanger coils rated at 2.2 ohms (you can, however, go with 2.4 ohms or even 1.8 ohms because you can replace the coils with other Kanger ProTank options). And all of the e-liquids that were tested were also accurate and full of flavour.


Final Thoughts

As an e-cigarette, the mōd Power Kit is meant to be a simple, straightforward, easy to learn and easy to use device. And that is exactly what it is. Ultimately, if you think this device is neat and you want to give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

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