Panda eCigs Evolve Review

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You may have seen a lot of e-cig brands putting out products lately that have mini batteries and 1.0ml clearomisers, and the Panda Evolve Electronic Cigarettes kit is basically a variation of these types of products. But just because a product may seem similar to others on the market certainly does not mean that it actually is the same as those products. In fact, it may be better or worse than the other products in its niche.

The overall point of Panda Evolve Electronic Cigarettes and similar products is to deliver a longer lasting and stronger battery without the cartomiser and in favour of a clearomiser instead. At the end of the day, you should be able to use such a product to get a much cleaner flavour, much more vapour, and a longer vaping session.

But does the Panda Evolve Electronic Cigarettes kit actually deliver on all of these promises? Continue reading to check out a review of the product below to help you make the right buying decision for your vaping needs and expectations.


Key Features and Specifications

  • Two manual or automatic 230mAh 3.7v slim lithium-ion batteries
  • Wall adapter and USB charger
  • Comes with Panda e-liquid
  • Includes 2 micromisers
  • 0.9ml e-liquid capacity

First Impressions

When you receive the Panda Evolve Electronic Cigarettes starter kit, you should see that it contains 2 micromisers (we will get into exactly what these are in a little while), two lithium-ion batteries, a wall adapter and a USB charger, and a convenient bottle of an e-liquid by Panda.

To be more specific about the items that are included in the kit, let’s take a closer look at the batteries. These are rated at 230mAh. They are slim-batteries, and their output is set at 3.7v when they are completely charged up and ready to go. The battery should last roughly 3 hours, according to the manufacturer, but this is only true when it is fully charged.


Now onto the micromisers. You may be wondering what these are, as you may not have ever heard this term used before in the world of e-cig smoking. Basically, in general language, a micromiser is a very small—tiny, even—clearomiser. It only holds less than 1.0ml of e-liquid, generally. These Panda micromisers only hold 0.9ml of e-liquid.

Overall, this starter kit basically has everything that you would need to get started.

Giving It a Test Run

Now that you know what is included in the Panda Evolve Electronic Cigarettes kit, you probably have a better idea of what you can expect, but this still does not tell you much about the actual performance. Specs are one thing, but real world performance is a whole other matter.

Many users are pleasantly surprised to see that the 230mAh battery is available in automatic and manual options. But even though the idea of the automatic battery with your clearomiser sounds like a good one, you should know that this will result in a minor decrease in the product’s performance when compared with how the manual version operations. This is because manual batteries create more of what can be referred to as a ‘hit’ whenever the user presses the activator button (as opposed to using the automatic battery and activating it when a drag is taken on the clearomiser).

The total resistance on the atomiser that is located inside the clearomiser is not specified, but during tests, users have assumed that it could be anywhere between 1.5 and 1.6 ohms, simply based upon the performance of the device.

In terms of vapour production, as well as flavour level, they can both be rated as decent. You will get enough vapour and flavour from this device, but it is not really anything out of the ordinary. In fact, some people who have used the Panda Evolve Electronic Cigarettes kit felt that the performance was roughly the same as it was for other cig-a-likes working on the battery/cartomiser combo. Until you upgrade to a larger batter size and clearomiser that is able to hold a larger amount of e-liquid, you can’t really expect to see drastic changes in performance.

Final Thoughts

It is attractive and powerful enough to hold you over until you are ready for a more advanced device with larger and stronger components. Besides, with so many mediocre products out there, the Panda Evolve is definitely one of the better ones, so it may be worth checking out if it’s in your budget.

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