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    Panda eCigs Evolve Review

    You may have seen a lot of e-cig brands putting out products lately that have mini batteries and 1.0ml clearomisers, and the Panda Evolve Electronic Cigarettes kit is basically a variation of these types of products. But just because a product may seem similar to others on the market certainly does not mean that it actually is the same as those products. In fact, it may be better or worse than the other products in its niche.

    The overall point of Panda Evolve Electronic Cigarettes and similar products is to deliver a longer lasting and stronger battery without the cartomiser and in favour of a clearomiser instead. At the end of the day, you should be able to use such a product to get a much cleaner flavour, much more vapour, and a longer vaping session.

    But does the Panda Evolve Electronic Cigarettes kit actually deliver on all of these promises? Continue reading to check out a review of the product below to help you make the right buying decision for your vaping needs and expectations.


    Key Features and Specifications

    • Two manual or automatic 230mAh 3.7v slim lithium-ion batteries
    • Wall adapter and USB charger
    • Comes with Panda e-liquid
    • Includes 2 micromisers
    • 0.9ml e-liquid capacity