Apricot E-Cig Liquid

Organic Apricot E-Liquid Refill

Apricot E-Cig Liquid

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  • 100% Organic E-Liquid – no artificial colours or flavourings.
  • 100% VG – Suitable for vegetarians, Halal and Kosher.
  • Lux Apricot E-Liquid is suitable for all electronic cigarette types.
  • Pharmaceutical grade manufactured in the United Kingdom.
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Product Description

Our premium quality organic apricot flavour e-cig liquids are produced, manufactured and tested in UK laboratories using pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Organic ingredients have been used to produce the apricot flavour to give you the purest apricot taste available in the market today. We’ve taken ripe, juicy apricots and recreated the exact flavour in this delicious e-liquid.

Lux Vapers Apricot on flavour juice is not only 100% VG (vegetable glycerin) but also made using organic pharmaceutical grade ingredients, giving you a smooth inhale with good vapour production. The throat hit however with VG based e-liquid refills are not as strong as PG and therefore you may want to consider ordering slightly higher nicotine level.

  • No animal ingredients of any kind.
  • No alcohol
  • No artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives
Why Apricot Flavour?

Invoke the fruity taste of a ripe summer apricot every time you smoke your e-cigarette with our apricot vape, which is sure to please your senses and transport you to the season that is all about kicking back and relaxing under the sun’s warm rays.

This delicious vape is sure to please anyone who is looking for a sweet, fresh fragrance and taste. And it also provides the same level of nicotine as all of our other popular e-liquid flavours. So if you are searching for a unique vape that will allow you to enjoy the light taste of an apricot, this is the e-liquid for you.

How Apricot Scent Affects Your Mood

Like all other scents, the fragrance of an apricot can have a profound effect upon your mood and emotions. When it comes to aromatherapy, which uses various fragrances to do everything from energise you to calm you down when you are feeling anxious or stressed, everyone has the opportunity to choose their favourite scents, and many enjoy the sweet, fragrant aroma of fruits that are in bloom throughout the summer. One of these popular scents is apricot.

But how can apricot affect your mood as you smoke an e-cigarette? Apricot has a subtle fragrance that isn’t overpowering, unlike other fruity scents that can be quite strong. Therefore, this e-liquid is ideal if you are seeking an e-cigarette that isn’t too potent in terms of flavour and fragrance and will help you relax and clear your mind.

While many people use apricot oil to moisturise the skin and hair, the actual fragrance of this delicious fruit itself can actually make you feel uplifted yet relaxed, especially if you’re a fan of fruity scents that remind you of the warmer seasons of the year when you can let loose.

The oil of apricots is also often used in massage therapy, as it can help relieve pain and inflammation while assisting in the release of tension in the body that results from stress. When you’re unable to get a professional massage with apricot oil, though, you can instead use our e-liquid and enjoy the aroma-therapeutic benefits of this fruit through your e-cigarette.

Enjoy Lux Apricot e-Liquid Everytime

fresh, light scent that’s pleasing to just about everyone. If you want, you can certainly enjoy this e-liquid on its own to take in all of the flavour and fragrance that it provides. But if you want, you can also mix in other flavoured e-liquids, such as other fruity vapes, that will complement our apricot vape perfectly and provide you with a brand new, unique combination of scents and tastes that you will enjoy through your e-cigarette.

Once you give our apricot flavoured e-liquid a try, you will quickly realise why this is one of our most popular vapes. Subdued yet powerful at the same time, it provides the ideal combination for when you want to relax yet feel enlivened at once.

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