Pear E-Cig Liquid

Organic Pear E-Liquid Refill

Pear E-Cig Liquid

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  • 100% Organic E-Liquid – no artificial colours or flavourings.
  • 100% VG – Suitable for vegetarians, Halal and Kosher.
  • Lux Pear E-Liquid is suitable for all electronic cigarette types.
  • Pharmaceutical grade manufactured in the United Kingdom.
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Product Description

Our premium quality organic pear flavour e-cig liquids are produced, manufactured and tested in UK laboratories using pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Organic ingredients have been used to produce the pear flavour to give you the purest pear taste available in the market today. of pure pear satisfaction. We’ve taken ripe, juicy pears and recreated the exact flavour in this delicious e-liquid.

Lux Vapers Pear on flavour juice is not only 100% VG (vegetable glycerin) but also made using organic pharmaceutical grade ingredients, giving you a smooth inhale with good vapour production. The throat hit however with VG based e-liquid refill refills are not as strong as PG and therefore you may want to consider ordering slightly higher nicotine level.

  • No animal ingredients of any kind.
  • No alcohol
  • No artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives
Why Pear Flavour?

The delicately sweet taste of a ripe pear can be enjoyed as you smoke your e-cig infused with our pear flavoured e-liquid. The vapour that’s produced will be soft and fruity, yet it won’t be overpowering, so this flavour is perfect for those who want to enjoy a flavoured vape that isn’t too strong in both taste and scent.

If you have been searching for a uniquely flavoured e-liquid, our pear flavour is a great choice. Plus, it contains just the right amount of nicotine that you would expect from your e-cigarette so that you can enjoy not only the benefits of the flavour itself but also of the nicotine that your body has come to crave and expect from every smoking session.

How Pear Scent Affects Your Mood

In addition to being popular for the simple fact that pears are delicious and provide a fresh, clean, subtle fragrance, our pear flavoured e-liquid may also produce other positive effects in your body and your mind, as well as your mood. After all, pear is a beloved fragrance in the world of aromatherapy, and when you smoke an e-cigarette that has been infused with a scented vape, you’re also inhaling and exhaling the fragrance just as you would during an aromatherapy session with scented oils and candles.

Pear fragrance can be employed whenever you are feeling as though you are out of control or emotionally unbalanced, as it can promote stability in your mind and emotions. It can also uplift your mood and act as an anti-depressant and reliever of anxiety and tension, making it an ideal choice for times when you are feeling angry, highly stressed, depressed, nervous, fearful, or negative in any way.

The scent of a ripe pear is also ideal whenever you want to feel comforted and refreshed. It may aid in relieving headaches, and it can even promote longer and more restful periods of sleep if you suffer from insomnia. Other physical benefits of pear when used in aromatherapeutic sessions include improved circulation and relief from rheumatism. It also acts as a diuretic, mild astringent, and remineralising agent.

Enjoy Lux Pear e-Liquid Everytime

Thanks to the many benefits provided by the fragrance of pears, as well as their delicious taste, it is no surprise that this is a popular fruit flavour in e-cigarettes as well. You can enjoy this vape on its own or you can add it to any of our other flavoured vapes to produce a brand new flavour you can call your own, whether you choose to combine it with another fruity flavour or you opt for one of our floral or nutty options.

Regardless of how you choose to indulge in our pear flavoured e-liquid, you can rest assured that you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere e-cig smoking is permitted. It will produce a delicate vapour that has a subtle yet recognisable aroma that is pleasant and will not disturb those around you as you inhale and exhale its aromatherapeutic benefits and delicious taste.

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