Rosemary E-Cig Liquid

Organic Rosemary E-Liquid Refill

Rosemary E-Cig Liquid

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  • 100% Organic E-Liquid – no artificial colours or flavourings.
  • 100% VG – Suitable for vegetarians, Halal and Kosher.
  • Lux Rosemary E-Liquid is suitable for all electronic cigarette types.
  • Pharmaceutical grade manufactured in the United Kingdom.
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Product Description

Our premium quality organic rosemary flower scent e-cig liquid refills are produced, manufactured and tested in UK laboratories using pharmaceutical grade nicotine. We’ve taken fresh rosemary flowers and recreated the exact scent in this delicious e-liquid.

Lux Vapers Rosemary Flower on fragrant juice is not only 100% VG (vegetable glycerin) but also made using organic pharmaceutical grade ingredients, giving you a smooth inhale with good vapour production. The throat hit however with VG based e-liquids is not as strong as PG and therefore you may want to consider ordering slightly higher nicotine level.

  • No animal ingredients of any kind.
  • No alcohol
  • No artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives
Why Rosemary Flower Flavour?

Rosemary is a hugely popular herb that’s used in a variety of delicious recipes from all over the world. And if you’ve ever grown rosemary in your own garden or purchased it fresh at the market, you know that this plant boasts quite a strong and inviting aroma. Since ancient times and in cultures all around the world, rosemary has long been used for a variety of purposes, from strengthening the mind and memory, to healing the body of a variety of ailments.

With our rosemary flavoured e-liquid, though, you can relax and indulge in the fragrance of this herb whenever and wherever you want. It will effectively fill up your space with the rich aroma while also bestowing its many aromatherapeutic properties within your body through every inhalation. Plus, as with all of our other vapes, this rosemary flavoured option contains your preferred amount of nicotine so that you can satisfy your cravings while also enjoying a delicious taste and wonderful scent.

How Rosemary Flower Scent Affects Your Mood

One of the most well known uses for rosemary is aromatherapy, as inhaling the fragrance of rosemary oil can have profoundly positive effects upon the brain. It assists individuals in clearing their thoughts and their minds so that they can be more mentally alert and ready to take action and overcome challenges, especially when they are feeling overwhelmed. If you take breaks throughout the day to balance yourself and refocus your mind, taking an e-cig smoking break with our rosemary flavoured vape may be just what you need to really enhance your mental performance. In fact, rosemary can also improve your memory, and this can help you both at home and at work.

In addition to being great for your mind, rosemary fragrance can also calm down your nervous system. So on top of enhancing your ability to concentrate, it also helps you relax and think more positively. If you have been feeling mentally exhausted, anxious, or depressed, smoking your e-cigarette infused with rosemary vape is a great way to lift your spirits and overcome that mental fatigue that has been holding your back from achieving your goals and figuring out solutions to your problems.

Anytime you need to settle down and work or study for long periods of time, the strong fragrance of rosemary can help you remain alert and focused, thanks to the aroma’s stimulating properties. It will also help you feel refreshed and invigorated, no matter how long you’ve been up working hard.

Enjoy Lux Rosemary Flower E-Liquid Every Time

You can enjoy our delicious, fragrant rosemary e-liquid whenever you need to stay focused or whenever you want to clear your mind and improve your memory. And if you want to enhance the flavour of this vape, you can also combine it with any of our other flavoured e-liquids, from fruity or nutty flavours, to floral options. No matter what, this rich, penetrating, warm herbal fragrance is sure to please e-cigarette smokers who want more than just great taste and aroma from their e-liquids.

Additional Information

Nicotine level

0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg

Bottle size

20ml, 40ml, 60ml, 80ml, 100ml


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