ProVape Z-Atty Pro Review

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The ProVape Z-Atty Pro is one of the many rebuildable atomisers on the e-cig market today, but this one is meant to be more advanced, more powerful, and able to take your e-cig smoking experience to a whole other level. This is especially true if you are a fan of rebuilding atomisers and you have made a hobby of it.

When users had the opportunity to review the ProVape Z-Atty Pro, they had a lot to say about it. But were their overall impressions of the product positive or negative? Continue reading to learn more about this device and its features, as well as what it takes to set it up and use it for vaping.


Key Features and Specifications

  • Assembled Z-Atty Pro tank with wick, O-rings, quartz glass, and wire
  • Refill syringe with a removable blunt tip
  • Allen wrench
  • Stainless steel pre-oxidised wicks in two sizes
  • Kanthal wire spool

First Impressions

When you open the box containing the ProVape Z-Atty Pro, you will find a tall plastic tube inside. And inside this tube is where you will find everything that you will need to set everything up and get it in working order as soon as possible. You even get an Allen wrench, just in case you don’t have one of your own. All you need after opening the box up and taking out its many contents is a willingness to take some time to put it all together, following the instructions provided, of course. This starter kit is great, too, because you really do get everything that you need to keep your ProVape Z-Atty Pro working great for weeks or even months.


The ProVape Z-Atty Pro even comes with a total of 10 wicks that are already completely assembled so that you can begin using them right away. More specifically, five of these wicks are 400 x 400 316 stainless steel pre-oxidised wicks, and the other five are 325 x 325 316 stainless steel pre-oxidised wicks. The 400 x 400 wicks will produce more vape. There are enough here to last several months, depending upon how much you use them.


So while you can certainly take advantage of the ability to make your very own wicks when you use a rebuildable atomiser, ProVape has made things easy for you to get started right away. After all, who wants to wait to start using the Z-Atty Pro?

Giving It a Test Run

When testing out the ProVape Z-Atty Pro, users noticed that the best results came when they took long and steady, as well as slow, drags from the device. To know if you are pulling on the device too quickly, try to listen carefully for any kind of whistling sound, as this will indicate that you are not doing it correctly. Slowing down will enhance the vaping experience and make the product perform just as it should. You will notice that a lot more vapour is produced when you take slow and steady drags, as opposed to when you take hard and fast pulls. This is true with every battery, every e-liquid, and every atomiser.


When using the wicks, just remember that an individual wick has to be soaked completely to the tip with e-liquid. Once saturated, though, you can turn the device on and start enjoying the vapour that is produced.


Many people who have tried out this device have also noted that, the longer you use it, the better it will perform. As you get to learn the product, you will be able to customise it appropriately and make it work even better for you in the long run.


It is also worth noting that even though the manufacturer tests the coils prior to shipping, you should still check that they are aligned correctly and working properly, just in case anything got moved out of alignment during shipping. Thankfully, this takes minimal effort. And it is great, too, that you can always adjust and fix your coils along the way if you run into any problems. Again, vaping slowly will ensure the best performance from this product and prevent performance issues.


Final Thoughts

If you are just starting out in the realm of rebuilding atomisers, this one may not be the best option for you. Instead, purchase something more affordable and easier to learn on at first, such as the AGA-T. Once you get the hang of things, you can then upgrade to this high-end ProVape product and really have fun.

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