SMOK Silenus Review

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SMOKtech, also referred to as SMOK, has been putting out a series of brand new e-cig products that have all proven to be high quality and powerful devices. One of these recent releases is the SMOK Silenus. It combines great looks and high-tech modern features that any vaper would appreciate.

But beyond looks and specs, does the SMOK Silenus actually perform as anticipated when tested in the real world? To get to the bottom of this question, below is a thorough review of this product so you can decide whether or not you’d like to invest in it and add it to your collection of e-cig devices.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Made of real rosewood and surgical steel
  • Variable wattage ranging from 3 watts to 15 watts, and variable voltage ranging from 3 volts to 6 volts
  • 18350 and 18650 versions
  • Safety features include low resistance protection, low battery indicator, and 10-second firing limit
  • 510 and eGo threading

First Impressions

The SMOK Silenus is a variable wattage and variable voltage APV. It features a range of 3 watts to 15 watts and 3 volts to 6 volts. It’s also made of genuine rosewood and surgical steel, so the build quality is phenomenal and not the kind that you’ll often find on other e-cig devices, including some of the best APVs currently on the market. It also comes packaged with two caps that are 510 and eGo threaded.


You can adjust the variable voltage in 0.1v increments, while the wattage can be adjusted in 0.5w increments. To make adjustments, you simply use the convenient circular ring, which is found roughly 1/3 of the way down from the top, providing easy access. And to switch between variable wattage and variable voltage, all you have to do is click the firing button three times in the span of 1.5 seconds. An LED light will indicate what mode you’re in (blue colour for variable wattage and white for variable voltage).


The SMOK Silenus is available in an 18350 version and an 18650 version. They both feature 5-click on/off operation, and you can make the five clicks in the span of 2 seconds. Plus, it also features a magnetic mechanic switch, with the firing button working off a magnetic connection that ensures the connection is solid every time you press it.

Another great feature is the spring-operated, self-levelling copper connector that will also ensure that there’s a clean connection with your e-liquid delivery system, whether that’s your glassomiser, clearomiser, etc.


It should be noted, though, that despite its many great features, the SMOK Silenus isn’t really intended for precision vaping because it lacks a display that would give you the detailed readouts you’d need.

Safety features include a 10-second limit on firing, a low battery indicator, and low resistance protection, which means that if you were to try using a coil that’s rated too low for the Silenus, it won’t fire.

Giving It a Test Run

Because of the materials that it’s constructed with, the SMOK Silenus is a pretty heavy device, but it’s also well balanced, so it’s surprisingly easy to hold and use. In fact, though it may take a minute or two to get used to the device’s weight, you should ultimately find that this is a device that’s comfortable to use.


However, again, because there isn’t a display on this device, you won’t really be able to get highly accurate readings on your coil. But if you own a meter, you can easily test your atomiser yourself without a problem and still enjoy the Silenus for everything else it has to offer.

Reviewers saw good results when they paired the Silenus with products like the Aerotank Mega and the Aspire Nautilus. These users found that 1.8 Ω coils worked well with the Aerotank and Nautilus, and this set-up also produced a lot of vape with a lot of accurate flavour, particularly when it was set to 8 watts.

Final Thoughts

SMOK has definitely established itself as a manufacturer of high quality e-cig devices that perform solidly and reliably. Plus, the prices are quite reasonable. So if you’re looking for a product that’s within your budget, features a variety of safety features, and is able to work well with a range of glassomisers and tanks, the Silenus won’t disappoint. And even though there are many other e-cig smoking devices out there with similar specs and features, the Silenus will definitely make you stand out, thanks to its great looks, which include rosewood and surgical steel construction.

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SMOK Silenus
  • Design and build quality
  • Features and functions
  • Vapour production
  • Value for money


Overall, this is an attractive device that's great for mainstream vaping, as well as tanks and clearomisers that have normal resistance coils. Basically, if you are hoping for a product that goes beyond 6 volts or 15 watts, you should look elsewhere. Otherwise, the C should have your needs covered.

User Rating: 3.0 (2 votes)

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