Smok ZMAX mini Review

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The ZMAX mini is a really popular e-cig device within the ZMAX line of products. It has a host of attractive features that promise a great vaping experience, and it also comes from a company that has a solid reputation.

But is the ZMAX mini really worth your time, or should you look elsewhere for a device that will suit your vaping needs better? The only way to find out is to continue reading, as the review below will tell you more about the ZMAX mini and everything that it has to offer, as well as what reviewers had to say about it after using it.


Key Features and Specifications

  • 5 amps of power
  • Variable voltage ranging from 3v to 6v in 0.1 increments, and variable wattage ranging from 3w to 15w in 0.5 increments
  • Features “Pulse Width Modulation” and regulated voltage output
  • Short circuit protection, atomiser resistance meter, and battery voltage meter
  • Comes in various colours

First Impressions

The ZMAX mini is loaded with great features, even though it’s a small device. For example, it has variable wattage that ranges from 3 watts to 15 watts, and this can be adjusted in 0.5w increments. The variable voltage, on the other hand, has a range of 3 volts to 6 volts, and it can be adjusted in 0.1v increments, so you can find the most accurate setting for your particular vaping needs. And, thanks to the regulated voltage, you can enjoy a consistent experience every time you vape, whether your battery is fully charged or there’s hardly any power left.


Another great feature, on top of the 5 full amps of power, is the device’s Pulse Width Modulation, which dramatically reduces power loss throughout usage. And there are also some noteworthy safety features, such as automatic short circuit protection that will shut down your device if the voltage from the battery, or the atomiser’s resistance, get too low. It will also shut down automatically if the current becomes too high or the battery isn’t inserted correctly. Plus, the built-in voltage meter on the LED display allows you to see when your battery needs to be recharged. This LED display also lets you see the cartomiser/atomiser resistance.

Finally, it’s important to note that, when purchasing the ZMAX mini, you shouldn’t expect to get a charger, batteries, or any other accessories. This means that you’ll basically have to purchase accessories to put an entire kit together for use with your ZMAX mini. For example, you may choose to purchase a battery charger like the Efest LCD LUC. You can also add on a pair of 2600mAh flattops and another pair of 18350 800mAg flattops to complete the set. Otherwise, you can always use compatible accessories that you already purchased in the past and have been using contentedly.

Giving It a Test Run

When the ZMAX mini is in your hands, you’ll quickly realise just how small this device really is. Yet, despite its small size, it definitely delivers in terms of vaping performance. Reviewers noted that the colours are vibrant and attractive and the body itself is sleek and efficient, so the design serves to not only make the product look good, but also to help the device function at its best.


Reviewers who gave the ZMAX mini a try didn’t have any issues with its performance. The wattage and voltage can easily be changed, and settings can also quickly and easily be adjusted as needed. And, thanks to the device’s small size, users also found that changing settings and using the device with one hand was very easy too.

When users took this product’s extension tube cap off, they were able to utilise a flattop 18350 lithium-ion battery, even though this product isn’t compatible with batteries that are “protected.” If they kept the extension attached, though, they found that they could use an 18650 unprotected battery. And, in terms of what tank to use, reviewers found the SMOKTech DCTank to be a good choice. When testing the device with a 510 cartomiser and the iClear 30S, users also enjoyed great vape performance.

Final Thoughts

This is a great choice both for those who have experience with the ZMAX line and those who have never used it before. Just know that this device is under 4 inches tall, though, so if you think this would be too small for your hands, the standard ZMAX would be a better fit.

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