Tesla Electronic Cigarette VV & VW Mod Review

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The Tesla eCigarette is an APV that is really unique, particularly in its appearance. In fact, as soon as you see it, you will recognise just how unique it really is, with its design that can easily be considered radical. But when it comes to its actual features, though, there is nothing really out of the ordinary here. Like other mods that are currently on the e-cig market, the Tesla does everything that you would expect.

To learn more about the Tesla eCigarette, including its external and internal features, continue reading to check out the review below.


Key Features and Specifications

  • Adjustable voltage and adjustable wattage
  • 18650 battery
  • Aluminium construction and OLED display
  • Fully vented for safety
  • 510 and eGo threading

First Impressions

On top of being a really unique looking device, the Tesla eCigarette is also quite heavy when you go to pick it up. This product is definitely substantial in terms of how it feels when you hold it, and it is a solid device that has advanced technological features in a durable body that will ensure its longevity.

In terms of button placement, you may notice that this device is a lot like the VAMO. It has a big activator button that is used when vaping, along with smaller minus and plus signs that allow you to adjust the wattage and voltage. Learning the layout and how to use this product, though, may be a little difficult, but it really is no different than any other APVs on the market.


The end cap and the body are constructed of high quality aluminium. And this device is also fully vented to be safe. Also, you can enjoy the benefits of having both 510 threading, as well as eGo threading, so you can use this product with a range of clearomisers, tanks, and cartomisers. And you can use an 18650 battery.

The Tesla eCigarette is also one of the latest mods to be released with OLED technology. You will enjoy a bright, legible display with a menu system that is easy to learn and navigate.

Giving It a Test Run

When put to the test, the Tesla eCigarette performs very well on its 18650 battery. The battery life itself is outstanding, as you can enjoy vaping all day and long into the night if you want, all on one full charge. And you simply can’t use this product without recognising how great the high-grade aluminium is.

Many users also like taking advantage of the device’s 3-AMP voltage in order to get even more power. This also allows you to experiment quite a bit with this device until you find the settings that will give you the best vaping experience you could ask for.

Again, because the Tesla eCigarette has such a unique design that is different from the other products like it, it took some reviewers a bit of time to get adjusted to the differences in body shape. In fact, some users may even find this product’s design a little intimidating, in a sense, especially at the beginning. However, once they got used to the changes, the Tesla eCigarette felt just as natural as any other device, and there was no denying that its features made the experience even better. And changing settings is really easy on the Tesla eCigarette, especially after you have gotten used to its design.

Every feature found on the Tesla eCigarette is really precise. Reviewers found that testing atomisers provided a high level of accuracy similar to other high quality APVs that are available. They also found it pretty easy to navigate through the menu, especially when it came to switching between wattage and voltage settings until they found those that worked best for their individual needs.

Final Thoughts

Reviewers pretty much all agree that they did not have any issues when they operated the Tesla eCigarette to test it out for themselves. However, it should be noted that if you are used to smoking cig-a-likes and you would like to move up to a variable wattage and variable voltage mod, the Tesla eCigarette may actually be a bit intimidating because of its strange design, which takes some getting used to. Therefore, until you are familiar with this category of e-cig devices, it may be best to stick with a more standard option first.

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