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    VAMO V5 Mod Review

    The VAMO is an electronic cigarette that has been around for quite some time, but it doesn’t have the best reputation on the e-cig market for being a really powerful, reliable, and strong device. Previous versions included the VAMO Rev 3, which was also disappointing in terms of build quality and performance. Nevertheless, the VAMO has been a decent e-cig device for those searching for a variable voltage and variable wattage product at an affordable price.

    Now it’s time to review the latest incarnation, which is the VAMO 5. How does this model compare to previous models? Is it still disappointing, or have the upgrades been able to transform it into a product that everyone can enjoy using? Continue reading to check out the review of the product below and learn more about it.


    Key Features and Specifications

    • Batteries and clearomisers not included
    • Variable voltage from 3-6 volts at 0.1 increments, and variable wattage from 3-15 watts in 0.5 increments
    • 18350 or 18650 batteries
    • 510 and eGo threaded
    • 1.5 to 5 ohms resistance