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    Heimdall Mod Clone Review

    Owning clones that are produced in the e-cig market usually comes with a host of concerns, including the fact that these products may be made using inferior raw materials, the manufacturing process may include dangerous shortcuts, and there may be personal safety concerns at play. And those concerns do not even take intellectual property rights into account. Therefore, unless you really know and trust the maker of a clone, it is probably better to stay away from them. Nevertheless, we decided to get our hands on and review the Heimdall Style Mod, a clone that comes with a great price and is much more affordable than the authentic Heimdall.

    Remember, clones are different from counterfeit e-cig products. And as long as China is in the picture, cloning everything they want, and as long as high quality mechanicals are too far out of many e-cig smokers’ budgets, there will always be clones in this market.

    Interested in seeing what our verdict on the Heimdall Mod Clone is? Continue reading to see our review.


    Key Features and Specifications

    • Features 510-threading
    • Brass contacts, as well as an adjustable positive contact
    • Firing button is on the bottom and is spring-loaded, along with a locking ring that is reverse-threaded
    • Includes a set of tubes that are 18650, 18500, and 18350
    • Can house a single 18650, 18500, or 18350 battery, but the battery is sold separately